Year Round Pest Control

Year Round Pest Control

Houston, TX

Most homeowners experience pest problems in the spring and summer but with the usual warm weather year round in Houston, fall and winter can also produce the same amount of problems. Our staff is well educated in what services to offer based on the time of year.

When temperatures hit 70 degrees and rainfall occurs, you can expect swarm season which includes ants, millipedes and mosquitoes. This is in addition to your typical list of species: spiders, roaches, fleas and more. In the winter months, most homeowners assume that the pest control issues are gone and don't take into consideration that the pests are just hibernating. Another winter problem is small animals finding a place for warmth. These animals, such as rats, mice, squirrels and chipmunks can do massive damage to your home.

At All-Pro Pest Control you can always count on knowledgeable technicians to diagnose your pest problem, no matter what season, and choose the most effective treatment option for your home or office.

The Most Damaging and Costly of Pests


Homeowners spends upwards of $1 billion dollars per year in termite damage. This figure doesn’t include commercial structure damage, minor home damage, or preventative/infestation treatments. Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termites, leaving the home owner fronting the full bill. The best and most effect measure is to prevent termite damage before it happens with help from All-Pro Pest Control. By having your home professionally checked by one of our knowledgeable technicians each year, you can save time and money on termite damage.

Top Pest Control Complaints:

Top Pest Control Complaints:

Annoying pests in the home
Stings and bites
Yard damage
Structural damage

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