Take Back Your Backyard

Take Back Your Backyard

Mosquito Misting | Houston, TX

When summertime arrives in Houston, TX, so do the swarms of mosquitos. Every family takes different precautions such as spraying down with bug spray, using citronella candles or avoiding spending time outside after dusk. In most of those cases, you still end up with itchy bites. Don't shut yourself off from the great outdoors when All-Pro Pest Control can help. Our mosquito misting systems are an easy, cost-effective solution to your mosquito problem and can be customized to blend into your backyard.

Not our system, no problem!

We will refill or service any mosquito misting system.

While most companies will only refill and maintain their own systems, All-Pro Pest Control will refill or service any system that you already have set up at your home. Give us a call if you are in need of a new system or looking to refill or maintain your old system. We have you covered!

Special Events

Special Events

The summer is supposed to be filled with backyard BBQs, children's birthday parties and relaxing by the pool. It's time to enjoy outdoor living again. Get your mosquito misting system today!

$25 off your next service for referral. Call Today!  832-433-8497

$25 off your next service for referral. Call Today!